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  I always have a really hard time standing still in a pose, so here you go, I present to you my dancing self! And for a person, whose work is literally taking photos all the time, it's a really fun problem. :) Anyways, spring has now been in full force and it's finally time for spring fashion. Yay! I might never be a person that wears colorful clothes, but I try (sometimes). And that is exactly why I adore my minty green backpack. Also, I just discovered Twenty One Pilots and I'm obsessed with them! Hence the title of this post. :)
  So guys, what is your take on spring fashion? Which fashion trends will you try this season? Who's been your latest music discovery? Tell me everything!

I'm wearing:
Mango Jumpsuit and Leather jacket, Vintage Sunnies,
Romwe Backpack, New Yorker Slipons   

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