Let's Obsess: Camilla And Marc Vest

  Hello to you, lovely people of the Internet. This week on Let's Obsess is something a little bit different. There is no crazy sequins, feathers or anything exotic. Only one very cool looking vest. I always say that every girl needs a sleeveless jacket for herself. So why not this one? It has everything you want it have. It's loose fitted, has pockets and it's black (which is +100 for me). You can also style it with almost anything. I fell in love with Selena Gomez' look, in which she paired this vest with all black jumsuit, sunglasses, handbag and sandals. You can buy it here. (This blog post is not sponsored in any way possible, just nice to have some links where you can look at items for yourself)
  What do you think about this beauty? Is it hot or not?

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